Batik Indra Loka began as a hand-print batik company in 1936, then the business was carried on by the founder’s second generation. As time passed and technology advanced, the batik stamp technique evolved into hand-screen printing, which enabled mass production to fulfill the demand of a wider batik market. Today, the third successor now continues to maintain and develop the company with a more proficient management.

In 2005, Batik Indra Loka opened its first outlet in ITC Kuningan to expand into the growing batik-fashion market and directly evaluate the satisfaction of the end-users. At the same time, the concept of unique and modern batik was also established in order to change public’s impression of batik as traditional clothing and turn them into trendy fashion wear that suits everyone in every occasions. In addition, Batik Indra Loka set up its own in-house garment production to ensure the standard and quality of products, as well as to provide an extra service by offering custom (made to order) clothes and uniforms.

With the conviction that a more extensive batik market exists, Batik Indra Loka keeps on creating and innovating to be one of the leading brands that is treasured within the nation and acknowledged internationally.